Goals of CCHPTP

CCHPTP's Goals

The primary objectives of CCHPTP are to promote:

1. The scientific basis of clinical health psychology;

2. Education and training in and use of assessment and intervention procedures in clinical health psychology that are empirically supported;

3. Education and training in evidence-based practice, which is a process of clinical decision making that involves the integration of best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient preference and characteristics;

4. Research regarding the validation of assessment and treatment techniques as well as any other research of interest to clinical health psychologists;

5. Education and training in the research methodology for developing and evaluating new assessment and intervention procedures in clinical health psychology;

6. Dissemination of information, exchange of views, collection of data, and facilitation of communication concerning education and training in clinical  health psychology;

7. Participation in the formulation of policies concerning clinical health psychology education and training;

8. Representation of CCHPTP programs within organizations relevant to graduate and postgraduate education in clinical health psychology;

9. Consultation in clinical health psychology education and training to other scientific and professional organizations; and

10. Cooperation with other organizations concerned with clinical health psychology.